Candle Care


Please take care when burning your candle and always ensure you follow the safety instructions.
Never move a lit candle, always keep out of reach of children & pets. 
Place the candle on a stable heat resistant surface and avoid exposure to drafts.
Always make sure the wick is trimmed to 5 mm before lighting your candle each time, this is to ensure your candle will burn cleanly every time.
If your jar is turning black this is because your wick has been left too long, this causes too large of a flame and the wick can start to let out a smoke plume.
Allow the candle to melt fully to the edges before extinguishing, this will ensure the candle burns down evenly all the way to the bottom of the candle.
For safety reasons we recommend extinguishing your candle when it has approximately 5 mm left in the jar.  If left to burn after the wax has evaporated the metal wick tab can cause the jar to overheat.