About Us

About Us

We are located in Warwick, Queensland.

In 2018, our love of colours flowing and unique pieces are what led us to create our wonderful Whimsical Creations & Designs. There is nothing more invigorating than watching resin flow and creating colourful pieces that will be like no other.  

In 2019 we decided to take the step and offer workshops.  These have been a wonderful addition to our small business.  Nothing better than watching others relax and enjoy creating their very own piece in our studio.  

Earlier this year we realised there was a market for joining our love for resin with a beautiful fragrant soy candle.  We have since sourced the highest quality of soy wax and now offer luxury hand poured soy candles. These are fragranced with the most delightful scents in beautiful jars to match any décor.

We offer custom orders for both resin pieces and candles. 


Specialising in special occasions and gifts.

We love to create elegant and personal gifts that leave a lasting impression.  

We can create gifts or packages to suit any budget for weddings, employees, clients or friends.

We can wrap beautifully and deliver to your chosen destination or post.